The research of the University of Coimbra focuses on understanding the impact of genetic / epigenetic factors and environmental / micro environmental exposures on health and susceptibility. It integrates a complex information from multiple data sources that generate useful results to improve prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, prognosis and treatment of leukemia. To achieve these objectives, our multidisciplinary group count with researchers with solid experience in basic, translational and clinical research and bioinformatics. In addition, we work closely with institutions involved in genetic disorders and in the development, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, such as CHUC (Coimbra Hospital and University Center) or Coimbra IPO (Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Coimbra) and Clinical Academic Center.

The IDIAL-NET project will enhance the collaboration between biomedical and clinical researchers, establishing a knowledge cross-sectional and multidisciplinary network in order to provide health and wellness promotion strategies. During the project, the UC will organize workshops and work meetings for the purpose of promoting the exchange of researchers, as well as the implementation of a joint Master’s course. These activities also aimed towards the training of young scientists in an interdisciplinary and international environment so they can tackling both, the scientific and social challenges in biomedical sciences. In addition, the necessary human and technological resources to build a critical mass capable of producing outstanding medical research and innovation will be promoted.