Fundación CARTIF has participated in the last 5 years in 6 projects related to the IDIAL-NET project topic, with the aim of increasing the performance while maintaining the quality of care. To achieve this, it proposes to automate and make transparent actions that do not add value to the socio-sanitary activity, with the aim of increasing the productivity of organizations. CARTIF’s role in these projects is the development of automated logistics systems in healthcare environments: automated warehouses for pharmacies/drugstores, Comprehensive Management Solution for general hospital supplies, Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) for sanitary logistics processes in Hospitals, solution for Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Solution for a synthetic drug design laboratory, based on a Cartesian robot and a precision pipetting system.

Participating in the IDIAL-NET project will allow CARTIF to develop a technological solution that will have a positive impact on the productivity of clinical analysis laboratories, specifically in the sample preparation process, reducing the human error rate, increasing the traceability due to the automation of the process and reducing the analysis time up to 20%.