Immunostep has been working for some time on the development of an automatic robotic platform that would allow the efficient integration of the new specifications, methodologies, samples and reagents arising from this project. Additionally, Immunostep is a manufacturer of reagents and kits for flow cytometry, specialized in the development of new antibodies, as well as their conjugates and combinations, which allows the consortium to provide some flexibility when incorporating new markers to current panels of diagnosis, including the possibility of simulating the cellular analysis with the detection of soluble biomarkers that could have a predictive interest or prognosis of the disease, all thanks to the platform developed by Immunostep for these purposes.

The project can contribute very significantly to the development and improvement of the prototype robotic platform in manufacturing, as well as its clinical validation. Likewise, this project is an excellent opportunity for the incorporation into the hematological clinic of innovative reagents under development or “de novo” and depending on the needs that arise during the course of this project.