Cytognos is a biotechnology company whose activity focuses on the design, development and marketing of reagents, kits and flow cytometry software. Cytognos was born in 1996 as a spin-off of the Cytometry Service of the University of Salamanca (USAL) with the objective of commercially exploiting products developed from USAL patents. Thanks to its participation together with the USAL in the project of the Sixth Framework Program “EuroFlow” (2006-2009), Cytognos began to develop and commercialize Infinicyt multiparameter data analysis software. Cytognos also markets EuroFlow multicolored cytometry kits and MRD kits for a diagnosis of hematological diseases including leukemia, lymphomas and myeloma. Cytognos products are protected by more than 10 international patents and 2 own patents of multiparameter biological data analysis methods.

The creation of IDIAL-NET would promote the development of new connections with research centers, which would enable Cytognos to continue with its innovative product development strategy; in addition, the existence of a network of complementary companies focused on leukemia would favor the development of cooperative technological projects within IDIAL-NET. The implementation of a structure for training and mobility of researchers with an effective collaboration between companies and the academic sector, benefits both, the researchers, who complement their scientific training with practical training closer to business lines and product development, and also the companies of high innovative capacity such as Cytognos, who find it very difficult to find a staff with the technical skills necessary for certain positions.